Home remedies for Body Rash And Boils

The reason rashes on skin are of significant importance is because rashes cause extreme discomfort and aggravation to the one suffering from it, unless it is treated in a proper way. The home remedies for rashes not only provide relief but can also be helpful in figuring out the true cause behind rashes and prevent its possibility of occurring again.

One of the useful home remedies for rashes involves washing the affected area with the tea made of chamomile leaves. The chamomile tea is known for its healing properties.

A natural remedy for rashes includes the application of olive oil on the area affected with rashes. Olive oil penetrates deep into the affected skin and cure the rashes.

If the pulp or gel of aloe vera is applied on the area with rashes, the rashes are cured in less time. This is one of the simplest and effective home remedies for body rash.

For the treatment of rashes, the application of vitamin E in the form of gel; or simply cod liver is known to be effective cures for body rash.

It is also suggested that if baking powder is slightly tapped over the affected area, the rashes can be cured.

Effective Eight Body Rash Home Remedies

Research has proved that if oatmeal bath is give to the person who is suffering from body rash, the rash can be treated. For this purpose, take a cup of oatmeal in uncooked/raw form and put it in the water in your bath tub. Soaking body into this water for some time will be effective in getting rid of body rashes.

A good poultice for rashes can be made using dandelion, chaparral and yellow dock root. The combination although sounds unique but, is helpful in curing rashes on the skin.

Take a cloth made of pure cotton and sock in comfrey or calcium water for sometime. Leave it there and then gently place it on the area which is affected by rashes. This is one of the effective and best home remedies for body rashes. With this home remedy for body rash, the body can also enjoy a cooling effect.

Vitamin C is a good antioxidant, which is helpful in curing body rashes. So the person suffering from body rashes should consume food which is highly rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is known for its healing properties.

If you are allergic to certain foods, try to avoid them as much as possible as they can give you rashes on body.

Remember, if you try to scratch the rashes, they will spread over those areas of body which are not affected. If the rashes causes itching, do not try your nails or any hard scratching object; let the cotton swabs do the job.

Take a few leaves of basil and mix with some salt, pepper, two to three cloves of garlic and one tbsp of olive oil. Spread the paste over rashes. This is one of the most effective home remedies for skin rash.

It is better to use herbal products to cure rashes. Products which have chemicals added cannot be a good cure home remedy for body rash.

A bacterium called Staphylococcus leads to the skin infection called as boils. In this disease, the hair follicles of the skin are badly infected. Boils can either last for some time or can be acute; however, it depends on how they are treated.

Boils are basically tender and soft swellings on the skin which are filled with pus, and are surrounded by areas deep red in colour. If the boils take form of acute disease, remember that this is only the result of local infections which are treated with less effective local applications. The acute boils take a lot of time for treatment and cause permanent infections of the skin.

One of the most effective home remedies for boils include the use of onions and garlic. The juice of ripe onions or garlic is applied on the affected area; this not only ripens the boils but also breaks them and causes the pus to expel. If the juice of both onions and garlic is taken in mixed form and same quantities, the results can prove quite beneficial for the treatment of boils.

For the treatment of boils, which are filled with blood and pus, bitter gourd can turn to be quite effective. For the treatment of boils, a cup full of the juice of bitter gourd is mixed with one tea spoon of lemon juice and it is taken on empty stomach on regular basis till the boils are cured.

It is suggested that the cream of milk is a natural remedy for treatment of boils. One of the good poultices as homemade remedy for boils is made by mixing one teaspoon of vinegar with one teaspoon of cream of milk with a small quantity of turmeric in powdered form. This mixture helps to cure boils by causing the blood cells to ripen and does not let them become infected anymore.

Other General Boils Kitchen Remedies

One of the valuable natural remedies for boils lies in the use of betel leaves. For this, betel leaves are warmed to make them soft. Then they are covered with a thin layer of castor oil. The oily leaf is then spread over the infected area. The leaves are then replaced after every hour. When the leaves are applied on the affected area for few times, the boils will gradually rupture and all the poisonous material will come out.

Cumin seeds are well known for treating boils. The seeds of cumin are finely grounded in water to create a form of paste. This paste is then applied on the affected area to cure boils; the results are quick.

The leaves of margosa are known to be effective for the treatment of boils. The leaves can be given the form of a decoction. For the preparation of decoction, fifteen grams of margosa leaves are boiled in about five hundred millilitres of water until the volume of water is left up to one third. This is one of the good home made remedies for the treatment of boils.

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